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Eighth Avenue 487, New York
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GK Bistronomie

So I head to Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood to check out GK Bistronomie, and I’m chatting with Chef Rafael Perez Cambana and casually ask what the GK stands for. He explains that the letter G, number 7 in numerology, and K, number 11, are numerology’s two...

GK Bistronomie

In the culinary world, sleek and modern don’t always denote sparse and insipid. At GK Bistronomie, in Wynwood, the spacious dining room is punctuated with white pine tables and the kitchen is serving artfully plated, Peruvian-inspired dishes: It all translates to warm, inviting and authentic....

Urban Daddy

Peru to Tango Check Out Wynwood’s First Peruvian Spot The Dolphins parted with Philbin and Coyle. People are canoeing down Indian Creek Drive. Wynwood finally has a Peruvian joint. Crazy week, people. And about that Peruvian joint—it’s GK Bistronomie, a crucial new seafood development with offbeat takes on Peruvian staples like...